Tortuguero in October - Tours in Costa Rica


October is the last month of the turtle season in Tortuguero, and it is also a month known for having excellent weather, with plenty of sunny days.

During October, there are more nesting than nesting, which is equally impressive, and can be enjoyed by booking the tour tomorrow to see the turtles nesting.

Hotel occupancy in October is medium to low, which is ideal for those who prefer destinations with few people.

Weather and temperature in Tortuguero during October.


The temperature is around 30°c and at night it feels like 24°c. In October, Tortuguero receives 236.10mm of rain and approximately 11 days of rain in the month. The average humidity is close to 79%.

Sea turtles in October


During October, you tend to see more nesting than nesting turtles. Those that nest are the result of turtles that came to the beaches to nest during August and September.

Even so, it is possible to see some nesting turtles at night, and this can be done by booking the night turtle watching tour.

Additionally, there is the early morning tour, whose purpose is to see the turtles nesting, something that happens in the early morning and early morning hours.

Other recommended activities to do are the canoe or kayak tour through the canals, as well as the boat tour through the canals, or the hike to Tortuguero Hill.