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Tortuguero, One of Costa Rica's most popular ecotourism destinations, the canals, rivers, beaches and lagoons of Tortuguero National Park are a study of Rainforest, freshwater and marine biology. The park and small town of Tortuguero are accessible by boat or small aircraft. When people think of Rainforest, the first thing that automatically comes to their minds is Tortuguero. Explore lall our trips leaving from La Fortuna , San Jose, Puerto Viejo, Cahuita y Alajuela

Tortuguero Canals

Tortuguero National Park is you MUST Stop while in Costa Rica. Discover its Network of canals, lagoons and dense rainforests and see the turtles hatch. The park stretches north along the Caribbean coast up to the village of Tortuguero, which has a small population of around 500, no cars, and is located on a relatively narrow spit of land between the beach and a canal.

Hotels and packages

Just north of Tortuguero are the various lodges and hotels. All these sections consist of a canal running parallel to the beach on the east, and fed by a maze of serpentine streams and channels from the west.Tortuguero National Park offers a large variety of Hotels and Lodges. We selected 11 of them, with whom we operate special packages on a daily basis including transportation, all meals, local tours and taxes.

Tortuguero wildlife

Abundant wildlife inhabits Tortuguero, including 57 species of amphibians, 111 species of reptiles, and 60 species of mammals. More than 300 species of birds live in Tortuguero. Birdwatchers commonly see keel-billed toucans, slaty tailed trogons, Montezuma oropendulas and a variety of parrots. Birds common along the canals include green and great blue herons, egrets, belted kingfishers, anhingas, jacanas, sun grebes and several species of hawks and kites.


Other animals commonly seen are fishing bats, three-toed sloths, iguanas, basilisk lizards, poison dart frogs, and howler, white-faced and spider monkeys. The tracks of river otters, collared peccaries, and Baird's tapirs are often seen on the banks of rivers and canals. Caiman are commonly observed in the waterways, which also are home to gar-fish, manatees, crocodiles, crustaceans, and an occasional bullshark. Jaguars, ocelots, and kinkajous inhabit the park, but are rarely seen..

Sea turtles

One of the most amazing natural spectacles that happens in Tortuguero is the arrival of the Sea Turtles, which find a haven in Tortuguero`s beaches. The Green Sea Turtle comes and lays eggs, which then later hatch and hundreds of thousands of small sea turtles leave their nests to go into the ocean and continue the cycle. Read about
Best time to visit Tortuguero and why you should visit Tortguero first.

3 days trip

This adventure includes transportation from San Jose or other destinations to Tortuguero and back, all the meals, lodging and even the guided tours.

2 days trip

The 2 days and 1 night package also includes all the meals, transport, both tours and English speaking guides.

Tortuguero and Pacuare

Combine a 3 day stay in Tortuguero with all included with the amazing overnight Pacuare River Rafting package, staying at Rios Tropicales Lodge. We work with all the hotels and lodges in the area, including Mawamba Lodge, Laguna, Pachira, Evergreen, Aninga, Tortuga Lodge, Manatus and Turtle Beach Lodge. All meals, tours and transport is included.

Tortuguero National Park

The little Amazon of Costa Rica, a vast region of tropical lowland rainforests, one of the last preserves for Jaguars, Pumas, monkeys, and a haven for the endangered Green Sea Turtle.

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