Tortuguero in November - Tours in Costa Rica


The month of November in Tortuguero is usually a quiet month, with little tourist visitation.

The sea turtle season is over, and the weather is a little rainier, also, it is a month that does not coincide with the vacation season for most tourists.

Weather and temperature in Tortuguero during November.


The temperature is around 29°c and at night it feels 23°c. In November, Tortuguero receives 498.52 mm of rain and approximately 15 rainy days in the month. The average humidity is close to 81%.

Sea turtles in November


During the month of November, sea turtles, whose season runs from July to October, can no longer be seen. However, the area offers many other activities and attractions, such as the boat tour through the canals of the national park, a tour that is included in our packages.

Aditionally, you can visit the village of Tortuguero, or take a guided tour by canoe or kayak through one of the many natural canals of the national park or a nearby canal.

The boat tour through the canals of the national park, which is included in our tours, is an excellent tour for lovers of ecotourism and flora and fauna, and during these, you can see many animals, such as monkeys, birds, river turtles, alligators and poison dart frogs.