Tortuguero in February - Tours in Costa Rica


The month of February in Tortuguero is a month with a lot of visitation, coinciding with the vacation season in the northern hemisphere, so there are many visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe.

Weather and temperature in Tortuguero during February


The temperature usually hovers around 28°c and at night at 22°c. During february Tortuguero receives 366.83mm of rain in 11 days during the entire month.

Sea Turtles in February


While it is true that in February there are no sea turtles to be seen, which happens more during July, August, September and October, Tortuguero presents many attractions, such as the natural network of canals, its dense tropical rainforests as well as many optional activities in addition to those offered in the tours. These tours include guided hikes, visiting the Cerro de Tortguero Hills and canoeing in one of the many canals.

There is no doubt that Tortuguero is a destination well worth visiting, especially for those who wish to visit an epic tropical rainforest, classic of the Central American tropics.

In addition, touring its canals by boat is a dream experience, and the forests and the amount of species of flora and fauna to be seen is admirable.