Tortuguero National Park and Pacuare River

4 days Tortuguero and Pacuare

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  • The 4 day jungle and rafting trip includes 2 nights with all the meals in Tortuguero, a visit to the town, a guided boat canal tour, and then 2 days of Rafting down Pacuare River. All meals, guides and transport included.

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  • Tortuguero National Park

    5 days Tortuguero and Pacuare

    The 5 days Pacuare and Tortuguero package includes 3 days in Tortuguero ( Classic Package with a guided town tour and a boat tour inside the park ), and 2 days of rafting plus a night in the rainforests. All meals, transport and guides are included as well.

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  • Pacuare River

    3 days Tortuguero and Pacuare

    The 3 day Tortguero Park and Pacuare Rafting Expedition includes one night and two days in Tortuguero with tours and meals, and 1 night and 2 days of Rafting down Pacuare River. All the meals, transport and guides included as well.

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  • Tropical rainforests and adventure combined

    Some species of wildlife that can be spotted in Tortuguero include Caimans, Crocodiles, three species of birds, amphibians, snakes, Lizzards, iguanas, amazing species of birds and of course, both river turtles and the famous sea turtles, including the Green Sea Turtle, the Leatherback Turtle and occasional Hawksbill. . Our Pacuare Rafting Tours can be combined with Tortuguero National Park. We suggest to book our Tortuguero and Pacuare Multiday Tours. These include full transport, all the guides, all the meals, and transport from San Jose to Tortuguero, a guided visit to the town of Tortuguero, a guided boat canal tour ( Entrance fees not included ) transport from Tortuguero to Pacuare River and 2 days of rafting, plus all the meals and time for optional tours ( Only in case of the 3 day stay at Pacuare ). Both Pacuare River Rafting ( adventure portion ) and Tortguero National Park ( Ecotourism and adventure portion ) fit perfect, to create a unique eco adventure package.