All our Tortuguero tours include transportation from San Jose to the hotel in Tortuguero. These transfers leave early in the morning from San Jose, and are always included, every day, since we have clients coming into Tortuguero every day.

Tortuguero Jungle

After the stay of 1 night, 2 nights or up to 3 nights, transportation back to San Jose is also included.

Why always book Tortuguero at the beginning?

Tortuguero Jungle

Here are several important reasons why it is always best to do Tortuguero at the start of any trip to Costa Rica.


You take advantage of the included guided transport from San Jose to the hotel in Tortuguero. Tortuguero is a remote region, where there is no access by car, and getting there involves quite a bit of organisation, both in terms of ground transportation, as well as boat transport. Getting to Tortuguero also involves a 1 hour boat ride through the jungle from Pavona to the town on the coast.


It is easier to connect to other destinations at a later date, without the need to return to San Jose. In case you want to visit other regions after Tortuguero, it is easy to connect them, as the transfer schedule to other destinations like the South Caribbean ( Cahuita or Puerto Viejo ) or to the northern region ( La Fortuna, Sarapiqui ) is very convenient and economical if taken right after departure from Tortuguero with our tours, i.e. about 1 30, after the last lunch with us in a restaurant in Guapiles.

Alternatively, if you do Caribe Sur or Northern region first, you have to arrange and pay for an expensive private transfer from that area and also be early in Guapiles ( type 8 AM ). This is not only expensive but also inconvenient, as it involves leaving the area where you are earlier in the early hours of the morning.

What about rental cars ?

This same logistics apply if you want to tour Costa Rica by rental car. If that's the case, it's still advisable to visit Tortuguero first, take advantage of the guided transport from San Jose, and then, on departure, at about 1.30 pm, after our last lunch in Guapiles, take the car from a rental car in Guapiles.

This is recommended in case you want to go to the South Caribbean ( Cahuita or Puerto Viejo ) or to the northern region ( La Fortuna, Sarapiqui, Boca Tapada etc ). In case you want to go to the Pacific side later, it is advisable to return with us to San Jose and take the rental car with a company in San Jose.

It is not advisable to rent a rental car and then visit Tortuguero, as you lose three days of rental, while the car is parked in La Pavona, from where you just continue with our boat. Even so, this option is possible, and we often do it, in case of clients who don't mind losing those rental days, however, it is highly recommended, for that reason, to do Tortuguero from San Jose with us, and then, on departure, take the car in Guapiles.

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