Tortuguero in May - Tours in Costa Rica


May is the start of the rainy season throughout the country, however, it does not apply as much to Tortuguero, where the weather seasons are usually reversed, plus Tortuguero is quite rainy all year round.

May is a month in which there is less tourist visitation because it is part of the green season or low season.

Weather and temperature in Tortuguero during May


The temperature is around 30°c and at night it feels like 24°c. During May, Tortuguero receives 276.98 mm of rain and approximately 11 rainy days in the month. La humedad se acerca al 79%.

Sea Turtles in May


During May you cannot see the sea turtles, but the main activities are boat tours through the canals of the national park, or visiting the village of Tortuguero.

Other activities include hiking to Tortuguero Hill, or booking a canoe tour and navigating the canals in total silence.

If seeing sea turtles in May is the priority, then a 3-day tour to Barra de Pacuare, located 75 kilometers further south of the national park, is available.

There, between March and June, you can see the impressive leatherback turtles, the world's largest marine reptile, which come to nest and then lay their eggs in large numbers on the beaches of Barra de Pacuare.